Tomm El Saieh


Tomm El Saieh



Drawing from figurative and spiritual Haitian painting traditions as well as from European-American modernism, the artist’s large-scale works offer a provocative and timely position on the status of abstraction today. Published on the occasion of his solo presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, this first monograph dedicated to the artist tracks his work in reference to contemporary image production, art history, and the cultural and historical context of Haiti in particular.

Year: 2018

Cover: paperback

Editors: Alex Gartenfeld, Stephanie Seidel

Authors: Leah Gordon, Stephanie Seidel, and Alex Gartenfeld Interviews Tomm El-Saieh

Designer: Eric Wrenn Office, New York

Publisher: Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami

Pages: 118

Dimensions: 9 x 6 inches